Warehouse robot fleet integration

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

CoEvolution, a provider of intelligent logistics solutions, has announced it will soon be entering the North American market with a solution that enables the creation of fleets of mobile robots from multiple providers.

The CoEvolution functions as a ‘universal translator’: an open platform that can integrate with any mobile robot. The technology allows logistics companies and warehouse managers to build unique warehouse automation solutions tailored to their specific needs.

This capability has been enabled by two important developments. First, the mobile robot market has reached a high level of maturity, meaning there is now a wide range of cheap, reliable and capable mobile robots easily available.

Second, recent major advances in software planning technology have broken the barriers to coordination of multiple robots from different fleets in a warehouse environment. These advances have involved taking the video game technology that enables planning of movements of multiple agents and applying it to real-world fleets of robots from different suppliers. 

“We have developed strong expertise at helping logistics companies to solve the problem of creating and coordinating heterogenous fleets of robots from diverse providers,” said Lijun Zhu, CEO of CoEvolution.

“Effectively, we fulfill the role of both software developer and systems integrator for warehouse automation solutions. The results speak for themselves. One recent customer in South Korea – Yunda Express Korea – has doubled their storage capacity and reduced labor costs by 40 percent.”