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CITT launches streamlined certification

Experienced professionals can take exam and interview to gain certification

May 1, 2019

The challenge allows applicants to get the CCLP designation in two steps.

TORONTO – Supply chain pros who want to get the CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals (CCLP) designation can go straight to CITT’s new challenge exam. People who pass the exam will then participate in a practical interview. Both assessments can be completed from the candidates’ place of work, online and by phone.

“CITT is thrilled to launch a streamlined, new process for experienced people to become CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals—one that doesn’t require people to go back to school just to prove they know the business,” says Perry Lo, chair of CITT’s Board of Directors.

“In the past, the only way someone could qualify to become a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional was by passing our full program of courses. There was no other way that we could reliably and consistently assess a person’s competencies if they didn’t take CITT’s courses. If a candidate passes these assessments, they will be eligible to apply to become a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional. The entire process can take a matter of weeks.”

The challenge exam and practical interview are standardized competency assessments. The exam for has been statistically-validated by hundreds of experienced professionals. It provides a fair, objective and rigorous alternative to qualifying for the designation by taking courses.

For those who aren’t sure whether they would pass the challenge exam, CITT has a short practice test to help test taker’s assess their readiness to succeed on the full exam.

The eight critical competency areas tested for designation eligibility are: Leadership; customs and compliance; risk management; relationship management; distribution; transportation; operations management; and, integrated logistics.

“There’s a huge demand from industry for the CCLP designation. People with accumulated experience, many of them working at mid-to-senior levels in the sector, ask all the time if there’s an alternative qualification process to completing courses”, explained Pina Melchionna, CITT’s president and CEO.

“Accessibility is one of our core values. We know that many people have already developed strong competencies on the job. Understandably, they want to be recognized for that, become CITT-certified and have access to membership in CITT—and they really shouldn’t have to retrace their steps or go back to school in order to show what they know.”

“In developing the “Challenge On-Ramp to the CCLP Designation”, CITT has developed a rigorous new assessment for experienced supply chain logistics professionals who already have the competencies CITT certifies, giving individuals a way to prove their competency without having to take multiple courses to do so,” said Bob Ballantyne, president of the Freight Management Association of Canada (FMA), which represents Canada’s biggest and most influential shippers.

“The Freight Management Association of Canada, representing Canada’s forward-looking shipper community, created CITT over 60 years ago to build expertise and develop a professional designation in logistics.”

CCLP Designation challenge cxams and readiness/practice tests can be scheduled at the candidate’s convenience anytime. Official exam sittings run monthly and a formal schedule is posted on CITT’s website.

The next official challenge exam is set for May 30, 2019, with registration closing May 24th. Individuals are invited to contact CITT to schedule their challenge exam on an alternative date if preferred. If someone needs their CCLP designation confirmed more quickly (e.g. to help them land their next big job), these designation hopefuls should contact CITT’s certification advisor, Maria Murjani ( or 416-363-3696 ext. 24) to make arrangements.