CITT unveils digital credential for designation holders

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

CITT has released a “digital credential” for its CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) designation.

The digital credential is fully integrated with email, LinkedIn, as well as many other platforms, and connects to a personal profile for every designation holder, verifying their certification is up-to-date.

“CCLP designation holders have always been proud of their credential” says Pina Melchionna, CITT’s resident and CEO.

“Every time a new group of professionals earn their CCLP designation, our LinkedIn feeds are just full of pictures of people sharing photos of their paper certificate. This new Digital Credential builds on that feeling of accomplishment, and enhances it in a technology-focused, useful, and practical way.”

The digital credential is also a means for industry to verify a professional has earned the CCLP designation and remains in good standing, as each individual credential is connected to a real-time database of current CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals.

A social media-friendly, digitally integrated credential also aligns with CITT’s focus on technological improvement, said Chrissy Aitchison, CITT’s director, innovation and strategic projects.

“We’re focused on using leading-edge technology to provide both the best experience for our learners – and the most impactful ways for certified CCLPs to be recognized for their accomplishments.”

The digital credential page for CCLP can be viewed here. Every CCLP in good standing also has their own personal credential, which they may choose to display on LinkedIn, in their email signature, or across other media.