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Supply Chain Canada publishes competencies

Report builds on and strengthens the existing foundation of industry knowledge

February 3, 2020

TORONTO – Supply Chain Canada has published Competencies of Canadian Supply Chain Professionals, a guideline to the skills needed to work in supply chain jobs in Canada.

“This portfolio of the competencies required to work in the end-to-end supply chain is an outstanding resource for professionals, providing an extensive look at the cross-functional skills they need to succeed in their careers,” said Stephen Cherlet, chair, National Board, Supply Chain Canada.

The report builds on and strengthens the existing foundation of industry knowledge, while introducing new concepts that will form the basis of supply chain management’s continued growth. In publishing the first edition, Supply Chain Canada has outlined the factors necessary for personal development, career advancement and sound decision-making.

The community, from practitioners and employers to academic institutions and governments, now has a valuable reference to help navigate an ever-changing industry and find a degree of professional certainty.

Practitioners and students can chart a comprehensive knowledge acquisition roadmap to ensure that their professional competencies are aligned with the demands of an evolving marketplace; employers can guide the hiring and development of their supply chain teams and the training investments they will support; academic institutions can direct their programs and overall course development, and the government and its policy makers can use the document to inform sound decision-making and support this key employment sector.

“It will help us to continually develop and offer relevant, forward-looking programs to support our Supply Chain Canada members throughout their careers,” said Christian Buhagiar, president and CEO, Supply Chain Canada.