Trucking associations call on members to report Driver Inc fraud

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

To assist government departments in combatting unscrupulous and illegal behaviour by Driver Inc carriers, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and its provincial association partners are calling on members and all compliant carriers to report cases of noncompliance to provincial and federal agencies.

Reports of noncompliance can be related to the Canada Labour Code, the Tax Code, Workers Compensation Boards, Provincial Revenue Authorities, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and other government programs. 

Reporting has never been easier. CTA has created a step-by-step tip sheet / reporting guide to help report suspected Driver Inc reports to multiple agencies like Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), Temporary Foreign Worker Program and certain provincial agencies with workplace oversight, like Ontario’s WSIB and Revenu Quebec. Click here for report:  Driver Inc. tip sheet document-final-EN_public For FR click here:  Driver Inc. tip sheet document-final-FR_public.

The tip sheet ensures reporting mechanisms are in place and the industry has a direct line to the appropriate enforcement authorities and advises what type of information should to be included, how to contact the relevant agency and how to send or report the information. The information submitted to the agencies will help lead to enforcement efforts. 

While not all tips will automatically lead to enforcement action, quality tips often can provide the basis for formal investigations and audits on companies suspected of gross violations. 

“Many employers and workers have respect for Canada’s laws and regulations like paying their fair share and abiding by labour laws and human rights. But not all companies want to follow the rules – they circumvent the system by avoiding taxes and denying employees basic labour rights and, consequently, our industry and society are paying the price for this noncompliance,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski.  

“Federal and provincial entities have said they stand with CTA in eliminating the abuse by the organizers of the Driver Inc. scheme, which is plaguing our workforce. This scheme is extensive and undermines several government systems and, as such, we need all relevant agencies to simultaneously focus their enforcement branches on these violators.”