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BC to set container trucking rates

Adding $25 supplement to compensate for unpaid empty moves

June 26, 2019

VANCOUVER – The British Columbia government is changing how container trucking rates are set.

Effective Monday, July 1, 2019, the province’s container trucking commissioner will have authority to set rates and fuel surcharges. This is designed to help maintain stability, fairness and competitiveness in the sector.

The government will repeal the current rates and remuneration provisions from the Container Trucking Regulation. In setting rates, the commissioner will be guided by the principles of balancing fair compensation for drivers and ensuring the ongoing competitiveness of the sector.

This action supports the commissioner’s implementation of a new $25 positioning rate to compensate drivers for trips without containers, which currently are unpaid.

As of July 1, drivers will receive the $25 rate supplement to every paid trip-rate container move. This new rate benefits drivers by recognizing their time spent driving, while minimizing industry disruption and enabling effective audit and enforcement by the commissioner.

The Office of the BC Container Trucking Commissioner enforces compliance with the Container Trucking Act, issues container trucking services licences within the truck licensing system and facilitates ongoing policy and regulatory review.