U.S. patent for Drone Delivery Canada

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

TORONTO – Drone Delivery Canada has been granted a U.S. patent for its proprietary Flyte management software system along with its drone delivery technology and processes.

The patent is directed to aspects of DDC’s proprietary Flyte management which is a core component of DDC’s drone delivery platform.

Additionally, the patent is also directed to DDC’s ‘Railway in the Sky’ concept that is intended to simplify routing and control of delivery drones particularly in crowded urban areas. The system provides a database for a flight route network that includes a number of route sections that can be selected to provide a desired routing.

“This is our first United States Patent Office grant, which provides strong protection for our flight management system and our ‘Railway in the Sky’ concept. This patent win again demonstrates our industry lead in this very disruptive industry” said Paul Di Benedetto, chief technology officer of Drone Delivery Canada.

“On behalf of the Company I would like to thank all of our dedicated staff who were integral in this accomplishment.”

DDC is currently seeking patent protection for other aspects of its technology in U.S. and other countries.