Australian logistics software firm sets up shop in Vancouver

by Emily Atkins

Australian logistics software provider CartonCloud has chosen Vancouver as its North American headquarters.

The company has more than 380 customers across North America, Australia, and Asia. It focuses on serving small- and medium-sized businesses.

Shaun Hagen

Chief operating officer Shaun Hagen is heading up the North American operation.

Based out of Vancouver, Hagen has spent the last two weeks on the road travelling across Canada, to meet with customers and bring on board two new hires as part of the company’s growing local support team.

“Vancouver is the right home for CartonCloud’s North American operations thanks to its thriving business community and growing tech scene,” Hagen said.

Lose the paper

Hagen said he sees significant opportunities for SMB logistics companies in Canada to turn from paper-based processes to automated transport and warehouse management systems.

“There’s a huge market here for purpose-built software to support SMB last-mile providers to optimize operations, and streamline workflows to work smarter and boost results,” he said.

“Last mile operators in Canada and across North America are contending with higher demand, faster turnaround expectations, and overcoming rising operating costs, which is exactly where our software comes in, to overcome day-to-day issues and support growth”

The company’s software automates data entry and admin, which it says can allow SMB logistics companies to reduce administration overheads by 80 percent.

“The software does the heavy lifting in terms of data management, and also provides optimized workflows to capitalize on ways they can build efficiencies into their operations,” Hagen noted.

“Transparency is king in the 3PL market right now and software provides real-time and accurate data at your fingertips; for your team, partners and also your customers.”

Cross docking

The software provides insights into cross docking as well. “Cross docking can be a complex operation when the stock comes in temporarily, gets sorted in a staging environment, then goes out on a different truck with other stock for delivery to a similar area,” he said.

“Massive efficiencies and value can be found if a business can sort stock quicker and decrease the likelihood of sending stock out on the wrong vehicle.”

Canadian ambitions

Hagen said entering the Canadian market was a huge milestone for the Australian business, which was made possible by a $12 million injection of capital from MA Financial in 2021.

“We’ve set ourselves an ambitious goal of securing 40 new customers in North America by the end of the year supported by a local team of eight staff, which will provide a strong foundation for CartonCloud to grow.”