Local Canadian businesses are investing in low-cost automation with Dematic to increase worker productivity

by Dematic

The automation space has never been more saturated with vendors and suppliers. Family-owned Variétés Pierre Prud’homme, based out of Quebec, experienced this when upgrading their small manual warehouse to a 100,000 sq.ft. facility.

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Over the past 20 years the business has provided local retailers with products ranging from household goods to health and beauty to electronics. Inventory and customer growth not only forced their warehouse expansion but also an in depth look at their fulfillment processes. It soon became clear that inventory accuracy and throughput would be a challenge to maintain manually, and they would not be able to scale for their continued and forecasted growth.

Variétés Pierre Prud’homme partnered with Dematic’s local Canadian team to help identify a solution that would fit within their facility expansion budget and timeline, while also requiring minimal training for their staff.

To maximize order fulfillment rates with the least disruption and downtime, the teams implemented voice-directed piece picking workflows. These workflows include pick-to-cart and case pick-to-pallet systems combined with voice and RF-scanning verification. They offer increased productivity rates and lower picking-error rates with minimal training time and no additional facility space.

Watch the video case study

Voice-directed picking offers many advantages over conventional order picking methods, such as paper lists or wireless terminals.

The Results

Dematic Voice-Directed Picking allows Variétés Pierre Prud’homme to streamline warehouse operations. The ergonomic operating procedures have increased the number of orders picked while decreasing picking times and picking errors, resulting in hundreds of orders fulfilled each day. In less than one year, Variétés Pierre Prud’homme has been able to increase worker productivity by 40%. Scan validation has tripled order accuracy rates while operators are able to pick 20% more orders per day.

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