Patagonia delivers ROI with green warehousing initiative

by Dematic

Patagonia’s distribution centre in Reno, Nevada, which has been certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, took an environmentally-green step forward by integrating Dematic’s modular conveyors, increasing man-hour efficiency by 20 percent and reducing power consumption up to 30 percent over traditional roller conveyors. For Patagonia, this conveyor system fits right into the distribution centre’s ideal “green” operating environment. 

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The challenge 

In recent years, Patagonia’s catalogue and web business has grown quite significantly. During peak season, several thousand orders a day move through this channel. The process for handling direct to consumer was manual and unwieldy, resulting in orders shipped to the wrong address, unmet delivery promises, and high returns costs. This situation is what led Patagonia to automate this process. 

The solution 

The solution has both cartons and mail packages move on the same conveyor through a weigh station. A sorter then sorts the orders into different shipping containers, based on whether the goods are to ship parcel or LTL. 

To convey the packages Patagonia chose Dematic’s modular conveyor. The conveyor is implemented by snapping the pieces together like legos. 

The conveyor not only handles goods of different sizes and weights, it has intelligent controls that give individual sections the ability to speed up or slow down. This is important because the weighing station is the bottleneck for the downstream material handling process. The more uniformly items are spaced before entering the weigh station, the better the whole system works. 

“We designed the conveyor system from the ground up to provide superior availability, high performance, and lower total cost of ownership,” said Michael Hirsch, Dematic.

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