Green rewards for green ideas

by Array

RICHMOND, British Columbia—If you can come up with a solution to an environmental problem—and do so quickly—you could win $2,500.

Novex Couriers, a same-day courier company, is running a contest for environmentally or socially sustainable ideas. In addition to the cash prize, the company (which prides itself on its sustainability efforts including incorporating hybrids and electric vehicles into its fleet) will offer the financial backing and the manpower to implement the winning plan.

The suggestions should be “ideas for business that are solutions to observed problems that have customers ready and willing to pay. With a preference given to businesses where there is a challenge getting things from A to B,” according to the contest website.

“We know truly audacious ideas that solve these problems exist and we want to make them a reality. This contest is the first step in making that happen,” said Robert Safrata, CEO of Novex Couriers.

The entry deadline is October 31 at midnight. Entries can be submitted to the website in written or video format.