Light load: Cargo delivery by blow-boat

by Array

HOLLAND and HAITI—After the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010 nations, and relief organizations rushed to provide emergency relief and support services. And so did a few individuals. The crew of the Tres Hombres was among those drawn to the Caribbean country, determined to lend assistance.

What made their journey unusual is the Tres Hombres is a square rigged sailing cargo vessel—a wooden ship (technically composite wood and steel) without an engine. But that didn’t stop the crew from loading up water, medical supplies and even a piano, and sailing across the Atlantic.

Unloading in Haiti

According to the ship’s website, delivering cargo is nothing new for the 32m brigantine clipper ship. “She maintains a sustainable freight service between: Europe, the Atlantic islands, the Caribbean and America.” She can carry 35 tonnes of cargo, or 20-30 pallets, and was designed with the goal of promoting green and sustainable cargo shipping.

The next ports of call will be Den Helder, Holland on October 14, where cargo destined for Stavanger, Norway will be loaded.

This year along, the Tres Hombres has called on Lisboa, Portugal; Mindelo, Cabo Verde; Belem, Brazil; Bridgetown, Barbados; St.Georges, Grenada; Boca Chica, Dominican Republic; Freeport, Bermuda; Horta, Azores; Falmouth, UK, and Amsterdam, Holland.

The ship is also used to train young people to sail.

A short (42 minute) documentary was made of the voyage.