New Canadian vessel latest in Great Lakes-Seaway investment

by Canadian Shipper

OTTAWA, Ont.–The Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) has congratulated Algoma Central Corporation on the Christening in Hamilton today of its new Canadian Great Lakes vessel Algoma Harvester.

Stephen Brooks, President of the Chamber of Marine Commerce, attended the Christening ceremony, which took place in Hamilton Harbour and included Greg Wight, CEO of Algoma Central Corporation, Jim Baske, President and CEO of ArcelorMittal Dofasco, and Kathy Baske, the vessel’s official Sponsor.

The environmentally advanced ship will carry iron ore for companies like ArcelorMittal Dofasco and Canadian and U.S. grain, and is the latest in a series of investments that aim to help secure a vibrant future for the Great Lakes-Seaway navigation system, said a release.

The marine industry is committing more than $1.5 billion for infrastructure and capital projects designed to make the navigation system more competitive and boost marine transport of cargo.

The series of investments include close to $1 billion in orders for new Canadian domestic ships-the most significant renewal of Great Lakes fleets in 30 years-and bi-national government funding of close to $600 million to modernize the St. Lawrence Seaway, said the release.

Renewal of Canada’s Great Lakes fleet will significantly improve its operational and environmental performance. For example, the Algoma Harvester is expected to be 45 per cent more energy efficient and is equipped with an IMO approved exhaust scrubber that will remove 97 per cent of sulfur oxides from shipboard emissions.

“If Canada and the U.S. are to remain competitive in this ever-changing global economy, we need to have the most efficient and sustainable transportation network possible. The investment now happening in Great Lakes-Seaway marine shipping will go a long way toward achieving that goal,” said Stephen Brooks, President of the Chamber of Marine Commerce. 

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