Parliamentary secretary addresses ballast water

by Array

OTTAWA: Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, has asked Parliamentary Secretary Pierre Poilievre to advise him on ballast water management for the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Seaway System. Poilievre issued the following statement:

“Our government’s top priority is the economy, and we are very concerned about New York State’s upcoming unachievable ballast water requirements for the St Lawrence Seaway, impeding Canada’s domestic trade, as well as our trade with the United States of America. The new requirements could affect almost $11 billion in business revenue and over 72,000 jobs on both sides of the border.

“Because of potentially far-reaching effects on the environment and the economy, Canada has strong rules and regulations in place that will reduce the risk of aquatic species invasions. In fact, there have been no new species attributed to ballast water reported in the Great Lakes since 2006.

“On Friday, I will travel to New York to speak with state officials and marine industry stakeholders regarding upcoming requirements for ballast water for the St. Lawrence Seaway that are unattainable.”

“The issue of New York ballast water regulations threatens jobs on both sides of the border,” added Minister Lebel. “Parliamentary Secretary Poilievre will focus efforts on this crucial subject. I look forward to regular updates as he advances this file.”