Walmart supercube spotted in the wild [photo gallery]

by Array

MISSISAUGA, Ontario—Ever since MM&D first started reporting about Walmart Canada Corp’s supercube tractor trailer, I have been anxiously scouring the highways during my long daily commute, hoping to spot one of the new rigs that caused so much fuss last year. Well, I can now say that I’ve finally spotted one. Here are the MM&D world exclusive photos (scroll down).

Actually, before I post the photos I should tell you a bit about them and the circumstances under which they were shot.

It was late Thursday afternoon during the post-work/evening rush hour. We—I’ve been carpooling lately—were travelling our usual route—westbound along highway 401 and were in the vicinity of Mississauga, Ontario. Walmart’s Canadian HQ is south of the 401 in Mississauga, so I’ve been hopeful that I’d eventually catch a sighting of one of these cab-over-engine, drome box and larger capacity trailer combos.

What made this commute a bit different than those recently undertaken is that Southern Ontario is under the threat of SNOWMAGEDDON, or SNOWPOCALYPSE, or SNOWDOOM, or whatever the over-enthusiastic weather announcers and news anchors are calling the latest winter storm to blow up from the US. According to the forecasts, nearly 20cm of snow were expected to fall between late Thursday afternoon and Friday evening.

By this point in the day, it had been snowing for much of the afternoon, making the roads slushy and messy. On the highway red cars, blue cars and black cars had started to disappear, only to be replaced by dirty beige doppelgangers. Kicked-up road salt, melted snow, and sticky wet falling flakes were forming filmy cocktails and covering windshields in layers of grim that the wipers just couldn’t keep at bay.

The truck was in the middle lane and as we came upon it fairly quickly, so I only had a few seconds to recognize what it was, quickly grab a cell phone and start snapping pictures from the passenger’s seat—no officer, I swear, the driver had both hands on the wheel and was not operating the mobile device. That task was left up to the me in the co-pilot’s position.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, that’s just the fancy way of saying these photos were shot through dirty windows from a car motoring down the highway at somewhat-less-than-the-posted-speedlimit, all of which means they aren’t great photos. They’re just the best I could get under the given, somewhat unexpected circumstances. They’re also not so terrible (I hope) that they aren’t worth sharing. I know how much interest there is in this tractor trailer, and I thought you might like to see how it looks on the road.

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