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Air cargo containers put to new use

A compact classroom for Ethiopian shoemakers

October 29, 2010
by MM&D staff

Cargo container maker Jettainer presented an airfreight container refitted as a mobile compact workshop unit for the training of shoemakers in Ethiopia as part of an exhibition “Perspektivwechsel”
(Change of Perspective) in Berlin. The refited container is shown alongside paintings, sculpture and pieces of photography about Ethiopia and its shoe-shiners.

The unique container was designed in cooperation with students from Berlin and Listros e.V., a nonprofit organization supporting young people in Ethiopia by providing education.

Later this year, Jettainer and Listros will start a competition: Design-students are invited to create “mobile business units” built into an airfreight containers. The winning design will be created in 2011.

“Corporate social citizenship is not only a matter of huge corporations”, states Martin Kraemer, marketing and PR at Jettainer, “Every company can find the right project to support. That does not
necessarily mean to provide cash. Non-monetary contributions are often much more efficient. With this project, Jettainer and Listros started walking a creative and innovative path into the future.”