Createch forms alliance with TZA

by Array

Long Grove, IL: Supply chain productivity software and services provider TZA has formed an alliance with The Createch Group,  a Canadian provider of operational performance improvement and IT solutions. Through the agreement, The Createch Group will distribute and implement TZA’s ProTrack Warehouse—Labor Management Solutions (LMS).

“The alliance with TZA will allow Createch to offer proven and highly accessible labor management and workforce productivity solutions, a definite added-value to our portfolio of performance improvement services” said Thierry Crete, vice-president of operational performance improvement at The Createch Group. “We are looking forward to providing our clients with scalable solutions to support the implementation of engineered labor standards that will contribute to increase their operational efficiency.”

ProTrack is a labor management system that lets distribution centres monitor employeess’ daily performance. TZA said the application can be integrated into most warehouse management solutions or enterprise management systems. ProTrack calculates work duration, tracks associate time against standards, and provides management tools to enhance real-time visibility and management decision making.