Feds looking at locomotive emissions

by Array

OTTAWA: The federal government has launched a consultation process with stakeholders to develop emissions regulations for locomotives under the Railway Safety Act.

“By developing regulations to reduce emissions from locomotives, we are taking concrete action to produce results,” said minister of state for transport, Rob Merrifield. “This is part of our government’s overall regulatory plan to limit air emissions, and deliver environmental and health benefits for all Canadians.”

As part of the regulatory development process, Transport Canada has drafted a consultation paper that outlines the context for these regulations. An issue brief, entitled Rolling Towards a Cleaner Future: The Development of Canadian Locomotive Emissions Regulations, has also been written.

These regulations will address criteria air contaminants, which are produced in many ways, including burning fossil fuels (such as in fuel-burning engines and motors). Reducing criteria air contaminants from the rail sector is part of a broader strategy to reduce emissions from the transportation sector. The Government of Canada has already taken action to reduce emissions from light- and heavy-duty vehicles, both on and off road, and is also moving forward on initiatives in the marine sector and for off-road recreational vehicles.

Following consultations, draft regulations will be published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, for a 90-day comment and review period. It is expected that final regulations will come into force in 2011.

The consultation paper and issue brief are available at www.tc.gc.ca/locomotive-emissions-locomotives.