New product: Automated kitting cart

by Array

GREER, South Carolina—Creform Corp has paired a stationary kitting cart with an AVG tugger to create a system designed to deliver sub-assembly components from inventory storage areas to front-line assembly workers.

This version of the AGV Kitting Cart measures 74cm (29in) by 102cm (40inc) and has a 227kg (500lb) capacity. It offers eight plastic compartments and two plastic shelves along with vertical pegboard designed to hang parts or tools. The carts can be configured in a variety of ways (including colour of piping and number of shelves and containers) and can built to handle a maximum of 385kg (850lbs).

Creform BST style AGV NSI model tuggers are used to mobilize the carts. The tugger positions itself under the cart and then extends a tow pin into a BST hitch plate attached to the underside of the cart. Once the tugger delivers the cart to the assembly station, it lowers the pin, unhooking the cart and returns to the inventory staging area to pick up another cart.

NSI AGVs follow magnetic tape-guided paths and can store information on up to 50 separate routes. They can respond to 128 different commands and use RFID for command initiation. The tuggers are capable of opportunity recharging. Their safety features include audible warnings, flashing lights and non-contact laser bumpers with 16 view sets.