New product: Electric pallet truck

by Array

THOROLD, Ontario—The Stärke LiftMaxx PT45WAX-BT AC from the Stärke Material Handling Group is an electrically powered, walk-behind pallet truck that comes with spring-loaded castors and a riser axle positioned at the highest point of the forks to prevent damage by uneven floors.

The PT45WAX-BT has a 2,040kg (4,500lb) lift capacity. It is powered by a 1.25hp driver motor and a 2.68hp lift motor. The 24v/210 AC motor is a parallel mounted with the wheel in an upright position to improve the turning radius.

Laden, the pallet truck can travel at 5.5kmh (3.4mph). It has a laden lifting speed of 1.9kmh (1.18mph) and laden lowering speed of 3.2kmh (1.97mph).

The pallet truck measures 185cm (73in) in overall length and 77.5cm (30.5in) in overall width. The forks are 120cm in length and reach a maximum width of 69cm (27in) in width.