New product: Floor level picking tool

by MM&D staff

VICTORIA, Australia—King Group, an Australian materials handling manufacturer, has entered the North American market with a device designed to help order pickers retrieve pallets stored on the floor space underneath racking.

The Roto-Picker is a movable platform that holds the pallet. To pick items from the pallet, the picker slides the Roto-Picker out from under the shelving and picks from the front of the pallet. When the easy-to-reach items have been depleted, the Roto-Picker is used to spin the pallet around, thereby presenting the picker with the items that were formerly at the back of the pallet.Two latches lock on the pallet to prevent it from rotating during the picking process.

The device is available in both narrow- and standard-pallet sizes and is constructed from zinc-plated parts to inhibit rust. Both the Roto-Picker’s turn table and slide frames use sealed ball bearings.

Roto-Pickers have a capacity of 1,500kg (3,300lbs) and measure 127mm (5in) high.

They come in three different sizes: 1,220mm (48in) by 1,220mm (48in), 1,220mm (48in) by 1,168mm (46in) and 1,016mm (40in) by 914mm (36in).