New product: Order picker offers choice of fixed or raised platform

by Array

GREENVILLE, North Carolina—The LO2.5, a low level order picker from Hyster Company, is powered by a 2.6kW motor and can be used in second-level order picking, cross-docking and load shuttling operations.

It comes with an independent fork lift and can be ordered with either a fixed or rising platform configuration. The rising platform version comes with an operator sensing floor mat.

The LO2.5 comes with fully adjustable electronic power steering, automatic speed reduction during cornering, and an ergonomic control handle designed to reduce arm movement during direction changes. It has top-mounted mechanical disc brakes and a regenerative braking feature which reduces the use of the service brake and dissipates the heat of the traction motor.

While walking next to the truck, the operator can lift and lower the forks using buttons on each side of the LO2.5

The Hyster order picker is built with a welded steel box construction. Options on the unit include a creep control coasting function and adjustable performance settings. There are three levels of monitoring available: wireless monitoring, wireless access and wireless verification.