New product: Vacuum lifter

by MM&D staff

ST LOUIS, Missouri—The new line universal lifters from Cynergy Ergonomics can handle items of varying shapes and geometries weighing up to 1,000lbs.

The vacuum griper maintains vacuum only on the cups that have contacted the lifting surface, allowing the lifter to be used in moving cylindrical products like pipes, flat items like boards and panels, pieces with varied geometries like pallets, or goods with curved shapes.

Designed for use in shipping/receiving areas, loading docks and manufacturing spaces, the system uses a high-volume regenerative vacuum pump in conjunction with a set of pressure sensitive valves to operate the vacuum cups on demand.

A three-phase power supply is required to operate the lifter.

The tooling can be suspended from a work station crane system with a coverage capacity of several hundred square feet. The high-speed raise/lower functions are achieved through the use of a variable frequency drive hoist system with a stepless control operator input.

The lifters are custom-designed to meet the needs of each application and and working environment.