New product: Zero-emissions forklift

by Array

GREENVILLE, North Carolina—Yale Materials Handling Corp is positioning its new Yale ERP080-100VM electric-powered lift truck line as an alternative internal combustion engined trucks.

There are three models available: 3,630kg (8,000lbs), 4,082kg (9,000lbs) and 4,536kg (10,000lbs). All are configured as sit-down trucks and come with pneumatic tires, and an 80 volt electric engine.

The brushless engine incorporates an extended shift feature that permits balanced battery run time and truck productivity. It also features AC transistor control technology to reduce noise while load handling.

The ERP080-100VM comes standard with a auto deceleration feature in order to reduce brake wear and extend break life by automatically slowing the truck through regenerative braking. The brakes are oil-cooled wet disc brakes that are fully sealed from water and other contaminants.

The trucks are built with a low step height, a low seat position, and a three-point entry design into the operator compartment, to make it easier for the driver to enter or exit the vehicle. An infinitely adjustable steering column comes standard, and a tilt memory function is available as an option.

According to Yale, the trucks have a 500-hour service interval.