New products: Food chain pallet, packer and cooler

by Array
Orbis NovaLock

Plastic pallet

The NovaLock Pallet from Orbis Corp is designed specifically for plastic and metal beverage containers. Fully recyclable, the NovaLock is made from injection foam molded in high-density polyethylene plastic. Food grade material is optional. It has a flat deck, a beveled-bottom stringer, flow-through ribs and double-walled construction. It offers forklift and hand truck access from all sides. It has been built to work with the company’s divider sheets and top frames. If the pallet deck and stringer bottom separate, they can be snapped and locked together under the weight of the load, without manual intervention.

Standard-Knapp Versatron Case Packer

Convertible packer

Standard-Knapp’s latest Versatron Case Packer has a lowering head module which allows the equipment to work as a drop packer or a lowering head case packer. The head can be fitted with an assortment of gripper heads, depending on the application. It has a maximum operating speed of 30 cycles per minute. The Versatron Case Packer has been designed to work with products made from glass, aluminum, PET and other materials commonly used in wine, liquor and beer packaging and performs partitionless packaging. It is built with see-through Lexan doors and panels to make it easier for operators to spot potential maintenance issues.

Tier 4-compliant refrigerator

Carrier Transicold X4TM

The X4TM Series from Carrier Transicold is a line of refrigeration and cooling units for use in commercial trailers. The X4TM’s 7300 and 7500 models are single-temperature belt-driven models that provide 66,000BTUs and 68,000BTUs of cooling at a setpoint of 35 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature). They are powered by 2.2L engines complete with sensors and an electronic control module. The units weigh 104kg (230lbs) and meet the EPA’s Tier 4 emissions standards. According to Transicold, they use less fuel—between give and 22 percent less—than the older models they replace in the Transicold line.