Seafood by sea

by MM&D Staff
Image: ThinkStock
Image: ThinkStock

BluWrap has completed the first ever shipment of fresh salmon by sea from Chile into the port of Tianjin, China, the largest port city in Northern China, and the major maritime gateway to Beijing.

The company’s technology uses its patented oxygen management techniques to create and maintain an all-natural controlled atmosphere environment that extends the shelf life of perishable proteins. BluWrap uses fuel cells to actively reduce and consistently monitor oxygen while the product is shipped in refrigerated containers, extending the shelf life of fresh proteins well beyond 40 days. BluWrap’s patented technology maintains a consistent atmosphere and provides transparency throughout the supply chain by continually tracking temperature and oxygen through built-in sensors.

BluWrap’s technology allows suppliers of fresh protein products to ship by ocean freight rather than more expensive airfreight, and still deliver a fresh product to customers.

BluWrap partnered with Tianjin PuWan International and worked closely with the Tianjin port cold chain, as well as Salmones Aysen who supplied the salmon for the shipment.

“Tianjin has shown great courage in being the first to use this new technology to bring fresh food by sea into the port. Tianjin is living up to the Chinese expression ‘who will be the first to eat crab?’—a saying that questions who has the mettle to try something new,” said Mark Barnekow, CEO of BluWrap.

“With the successful completion of this pilot, we can move forward with our plans to send regular shipments of seafood from Chile to China and expand the availability and variety of fresh proteins to customers in the Northern region of the country.”

“Air freight is very expensive and fraught with logistical challenges when shipping from Chile to China,” said Pablo Cajtak, CEO of Salmones Aysen in Santiago, Chile. “China is a rapidly growing and important market for Salmones Aysen and all Chilean salmon producers. BluWrap is a very good logistics solution that makes sense if we want to reach consumers there.”