Shipowners fund ballast water research

by MM&D Online Staff

OTTAWA, Ontario—The members of the Canadian Shipowners Association (CSA) are contributing an initial $1.5 million dollars to the establishment of a research and technical evaluation fund to search for ballast water technology on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Waterway.

Canada’s domestic fleet operates specially designed ships under very unique and challenging operational conditions. With no type-approved technology available to comply with ballast water regulations in both Canadian and American waters, CSA members are searching for solutions to protect the marine environment while enabling continued operations and commerce.

“While the Canadian industry has been seeking a solution through testing and evaluation, our membership decided to strengthen this effort with a dedicated program that is aimed at finding a solution that is both operationally and economically feasible for domestic vessels” says CSA President, Robert Lewis-Manning.

The CSA notes that by taking this leadership role it will grow a research community and a collective evidence base for the application of ballast water technologies on domestic vessels.

The primary aim of the CSA Research and Evaluation fund will be to find technical solutions to ballast water management through the research of issues unique to Great Lakes fresh water and domestic vessels that do not leave Canadian and US waters.

“We envision this fund as an initial means of funding specific ballast water research for domestic vessels.  We hope that this initiative will pave the way for collaboration with private and public sectors partners in this research and evaluation effort,” said CSA President, Robert Lewis-Manning.

Nicolas Leak has been hired as the Project Manager of the Fund effective April 21, 2015. As an experienced leader in the Royal Canadian Navy with extensive project management experience, Leak will coordinate the CSA membership’s effort and engagement with partners and other stakeholders.