New cold storage provider opens first facility

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by Emily Atkins

FlexCold, a new entrant to the cold storage market, has opened its first facility.

The Jacksonville, Florida, facility, which will span more than 150,000 square feet and offer 25,000 pallet positions, is five kilometres from the port.

FlexCold president Craig Turner in the Jacksonville, Florida, facility.

It is divided into four primary areas: two convertible rooms that can be used for refrigerated or frozen products; a freezer room where temperatures are maintained below zero degrees; and a blast freeze room where products like poultry can be frozen to zero degrees within 36 hours. USDA and FDA inspections are provided on-site as well.

Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) provides access to more than 98 million consumers within one day’s drive and direct ocean services to 140 ports in 70 countries. FlexCold is within minutes of the Blount Island terminal, which recently completed its harbour deepening project that increased the water depth to 47 feet, allowing for larger ships and more frequent sailings.

FlexCold’s Jacksonville facility has a 70-foot-deep chilled loading dock area with 27 bays and 18 reefer plug-ins. It has spaces for both cooling and freezing, with temperatures ranging from -10 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It also offers on-site blast freezing, with a capacity of up to 12 loads per day.

“With a unique, expert-driven perspective on how to maximize efficiencies, supported with our people-centric culture, we can provide customers with unparalleled flexibility to meet their cold storage challenges today, and well into the future,” said FlexCold president, Craig Turner. “We’re thrilled to have opened our first FlexCold facility here in Jacksonville.”

FlexCold’s pallet-dense, and energy-efficient facilities are alternatives to aging legacy facilities. Its mobile racking system has increased storage capacity by 45 percent, compared to traditional systems, and the 50-foot clear height reduces average travel time.

The deeper dock eases congestion and inefficient product moves. The refrigeration system is roof-mounted, freeing valuable floor space.