407 ETR opens west from Neyagawa Boulevard to Bronte Road today

by Canadian Shipper

The 407 ETR has partially opened the 407 ETR West Extension from Neyagawa Boulevard to Bronte Road, a five kilometre stretch west of Toronto.

The remaining 14 kilometres will open over the weeks to come, with aim to provide some relief for commuters and current traffic congestion on surrounding routes.

“The spin-off benefits from this project will help fuel the economy as evident in many communities along the 407 ETR corridor,” said Jos Maria Lopez de Fuentes, President and Chief Executive Officer, 407 ETR.

407 International Inc. is the sole shareholder, operator and manager of407 ETR, which extends 108 kilometres east-west, just north of Toronto.

“We are confident those who currently experience time-consuming commutes on surrounding routes will welcome this extension as do our existing customers. Construction continues at a brisk rate as final finishing touches are implemented on the 407 ETR west extension. In less than a month, we anticipate 407 ETR will fully open to the Queen Elizabeth Way,” said Dale Albers, Manager, Communications for 407 ETR.

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