Edmonton airport to get new cargo handling hub

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

A new cash infusion will see the development of a new cargo handling zone at Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

A 2,000 acre cargo handling hub will be built at the airport. The federal government has put up $100 million under the National Trade Corridors Fund for the project, which is expected to begin in 2023.

The new handling capacity is expected to expand the airport’s distribution reach in Canada as well as the United States and Mexico.

“Cargo and logistics play a major role in our region’s economic growth and development,” said Tom Ruth, president and CEO of Edmonton International Airport.

“Increasing air capacity and global market access for exports and trade opportunities is a global game changer. It drives the growth of small and medium enterprises in Alberta and the rest of Canada, which creates jobs and spurs investment. Working towards these goals, we are excited to announce the development of the International Cargo Hub.”

Global logistics hub

Ruth also said the federal investment into EIA will help accelerate its plan to position Edmonton as a multi-modal global logistics hub and vital trade corridor for Canada. He said the new hub will be “transformational” for the Edmonton Metro Region.

In 2021, the airport announced another cargo handling expansion. An $18-million grant under the National Trades Corridor Fund supported a $36-million expansion of cargo operations, with EIA contributing half.

This project is expanding the cargo-area apron, allowing the airport to accommodate more planes at one time for loading and unloading. EIA is also installing a new hydrant fueling system specific for cargo refueling needs, replacing the truck-based fueling system increasing safety and how fast refueling can be done.

Finally, the airport’s Fresh Cargo Centre, the cold-storage area, is being expanded in order to facilitate increased throughput.

Edmonton is Canada’s fifth busiest airport for passenger traffic and is the northernmost major airport, on the intersection of transpolar routes.