B.C. Chamber of shipping recommends use of portal to meet ACI requirements

by Canadian Shipper

The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia has recommended
TradePalette, an Internet portal for trade logistics management created by CrimsonLogic (North America), to its members to meet the new Advance Commercial Information (ACI) requirements introduced by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Effective April 19, ACI requires marine cargo data to be electronically transmitted to the CBSA 24 hours before goods are loaded in a foreign port. Importers and freight operators are responsible for submitting the required information or risk facing shipment delays.

The Chamber conducted an extensive review on electronic customs services in Canada on behalf of its members with aim to help those that do not have an EDI (electronic data interchange) system connected to the CBSA. The evaluation was based on four criteria – pricing, security, flexibility and ease-of-use.

“We have chosen CrimsonLogic to be our affinity partner because it demonstrates a thorough understanding of shipping companies’ needs,” said Rick Bryant, president of the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia. “Of the available solutions that we have reviewed, TradePalette offers the most flexible and valuable services.”

TradePalette users can complete customs documents within the secure TradePalette portal, verify the information with their overseas partners and submit the documents directly to the CBSA through the Customs Internet Gateway. Intelligent business rules are set and repeated information is automatically included in the documents to expedite the customs clearance process and minimize administration error, says the company.

In addition, TradePalette offers freight, inventory control and procurement applications.

“CrimsonLogic has worked with trading communities around the world for more than a decade. We are pleased that our technology and expertise can help the Canadian trading community meet new challenges and better compete in the global market,” says Peter Owsiany, vice-president and general manager of CrimsonLogic (North America).

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