Cadec releases new onboard computer to simplify onboard logistics management

by Canadian Shipper

Cadec Corp. says it has managed to simplify onboard logistics management for the transportation industry with their new Mobius TTS-32 portable onboard computer.

The rechargeable portable unit with the same computing power as the onboard Mobius TTS has been released with the intention of being used primarily in leased vehicles.

Customers will be able to receive the same benefits as the hardwired Mobius TTS but with the convenience of being portable.

The system can be used in various for-hire and private fleet applications, including food processing and distribution, petroleum distribution and production and retail and wholesale delivery. The portable unit can also be used as a cost effective Mobius TTS driver-training device.

“Once again, we went to our customers and asked them what they wanted,” says Les Dole, president and chief executive officer of Cadec Corporation. “They wanted portability.”

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