Cargo Montreal wins two awards

by MM&D Online Staff

MONTREAL, Quebec—The metropolitan goods logistics and transportation cluster, Cargo Montréal (CargoM), was honoured with two awards for excellenceat the Association québécoise des transports (Quebec transport association, AQTr) annual awards gala.

The first—2014 Goods Transportation Award—was presented to CargoM for the project “Creation of the metropolitan logistics and transportation cluster of Montréal.” This award celebrates excellence in a cohesive, original, and reproducible transport project that improves the efficiency of goods transportation networks or modes, and thus facilitates the flow of the transportation of goods and enhances economic vitality, all with a view to sustainable development.

CargoM also saw themselves win the Distinction Award. This honour is awarded by the AQTr’s board of directors to a large-scale project that is outstanding for its pivotal value to Quebec’s transport sector and society.

“I am very proud of the awards we won this evening, especially the Distinction Award, because it speaks to just how much CargoM’s project is first and foremost a unifying project that aims to put in place pivotal projects to get Montréal known as a goods transportation hub,” said executive director, Mathieu Charbonneau. Mr. Charbonneau also made a point of acknowledging the outstanding collaboration of all of the cluster’s members and partners. “CargoM is above all a devoted team of volunteer members who are committed to the realization of our mission. This award is therefore ours to share with them, and I’m very thankful for their hard work and support.”

Created in 2012, CargoM has since distinguished itself by demonstrating its capacity to move from reflection to action, with the putting in motion of six working groups whose actions are already yielding concrete results. Under the presidency of Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority, CargoM’s mission is to unite, around common objectives and concerted actions, all Greater Montréal goods logistics and transportation stakeholders whose activities favour the sustainable economic development of the Montréal hub, in order to increase its competitiveness and reach.