CPR wins DaimlerChyrsler Gold award

by Canadian Shipper

CPR has won the DaimlerChrysler Corporation’s 2000 Gold Award “for demonstrated quality in the day-to-day delivery of parts and finished vehicles, the creation of value for the automaker and for delivering on its commitment to a reduction in DaimlerChrysler’s total costs.”

“We are all aware of the intense demands that this company must meet to secure its well-earned position in the global automotive industry. And we know only those companies that understand your business and the role we play within it can hope to be part of your team. This award tells me that CPR employees have made that commitment to you,” said Lawre Allen, vice-president of CPR’s Intermodal and Automotive Group, who accepted the award on behalf of railway employees.

CPR interline partner Union Pacific was also recognized for outstanding overall logistics performance.

CPR significantly improved its service delivery to DaimlerChrysler in 2000, reaching 95-per-cent on-time delivery of inbound parts, a seven-per-cent improvement in the on-time delivery of finished vehicles and a reduction in average transit times.

CPR’s service, says DaimlerChrysler, was vital to the start-up of DaimlerChrysler’s advanced distribution centre at Cottage Grove, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Also significant was the implementation of CPR Expressway service moving inbound parts to the company’s Brampton, Ont., assembly plant.

Expressway features expedited schedules, “easy-on, easy-off” loading techniques and rapid turnaround times for truckers at terminals in Detroit, Toronto and Montreal.

“The Canadian Pacific Railway was selected to receive the DaimlerChrysler Gold Award based on exemplary performance on critical criteria which includes cost reduction, quality improvement, innovation, creativity and overall customer responsiveness,” said Edward T. Sprock, DaimlerChrysler director of logistics.

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