FedEx offers InSight

by Canadian Shipper

FedEx Corp. has inroduced FedEx InSight(SM), a new Web-based application that broadens the amount of real-time status information on inbound, outbound or third-party shipments — without having to enter a package-tracking number.

The application will offer an enhanced level of shipment visibility. Using FedEx InSight, customers will be able to create a customized view of shipment information or request to be notified via e-mail or fax of critical shipping events as they occur during transit.

FedEx InSight has been under development since 1999, and customer tests have been in progress for about a year. “FedEx InSight provides shipment visibility and sends notifications and alerts about critical shipment events as they occur, thereby equipping our customers with an unsurpassed capability to plan for and manage inventory in motion,” said Robert B. Carter, executive vice president and CIO of FedEx Corp.

FedEx InSight identifies FedEx Express shipments by associating them to a customer and by matching an account number or company name and address, placing flexibility and control of information in the hands of each user.

That flexibility, for example, might allow a customer to view all inbound shipments for today and the next few business days to his company, all shipments sent from his company on a particular date, or all in-transit shipments billed to a third-party. A query function also allows a user to search for particular types of shipments.

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