GeoLogic Solutions announces new mobile system pricing

by Canadian Shipper

Pittsburgh, Pa. -GeoLogic Solutions says it will begin offering its MobileMax(tm) fleet management system for an upfront price of only USD $999 per truck. This offer, based on new orders only, includes a satellite and terrestrial dual-mode transceiver, keyboard display and all installation hardware.

In addition, GeoLogic offers a variety of monthly communication packages and includes its host software at no additional charge. This lower upfront pricing is for a limited time only and will remain in effect for units purchased and delivered by October 31, 2005, says the company.

“As technology continues to improve and drive the way companies do business, it is vital for technology vendors to remain competitive not only with continuous product improvements but also with product pricing,” said John Lewis, CEO for GeoLogic Solutions.

“We are very excited to offer mobile hardware pricing that will enable a much larger audience to enjoy the benefit of complete wireless communication coverage across North America.”

MobileMax, the company’s flagship product, uses both terrestrial and satellite-based networks. It automatically selects the faster, lower-cost terrestrial network for data transmission first, and switches to the satellite network when coverage is needed in remote areas. Use of this dual-mode technology reduces monthly communications fees by as much as 40% over the cost of satellite-only networks while still providing the ubiquitous coverage that terrestrial-only systems are unable to guarantee, claims the company.

In addition to providing communications and tracking, MobileMax automatically records state-line crossings, monitors driver and vehicle performance, communicates engine fault codes and alerts companies of driver arrival at/or departure from geofenced locations.

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