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Light load: A zebra and a parrot walk into a bar

A look at the less serious side of supply chain

May 25, 2012
by MM&D staff

DUBUQUE, Iowa: It really does sound like the set-up for a joke with a really corny punchline, but taking a baby zebra and a macaw parrot to a bar had very unfunny consequences for one man in Iowa.

The owner of the exotic pets packed them into his truck and drove his equine and avian passengers to his favourite bar, the Dog House, because he was under the impression the animals would be welcomed in the establishment. They weren’t so he was about to return home, when he was stopped by a police officer and charged with a drunk driving offence.

For more on the story, including video of an adorable bottle-feeding zebra foal wearing a red halter (Quick, what’s black and white and red all over? Never mind, wrong cliched joke.) click here.

(As for how this story fits into MM&D’s editorial mandate to cover supply chain and logistics issues, it doesn’t really. But it’s Friday. And he was transporting the animals in a truck, so we’re chalking this one up under the logistics category, subcategory: livestock.)