Lykes Lines cuts US Gulf – North Europe transit times

by Canadian Shipper

Lykes Lines is cutting its transit times between the U.S. Gulf and North Europe by up to four days.

The ocean carrier says that should make its Sprint services the fastest on the trade.

“Not only do we offer the fastest services from the U.S. Gulf and South Atlantic region into Europe, we also offer the greatest number of sailings per week,” says Tony Bruno, VP Commercial, says

Transit times from Houston to Antwerp have been reduced by two days to 14, while the link between Houston and Le Havre has been reduced from
23 to 19 days.

Westbound, transit times to Mexico have been reduced by two days with Le Havre to Veracruz now just 12 days.

The changes to Gulf Atlantic Sprint Loop 2 service will be launched in Antwerp on August 6, with the new fast sailing from Houston on August 27. The full port rotation is Houston, Charleston, Antwerp, Thamesport, Bremerhaven, Le Havre, Veracruz, Altamira, Houston.

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