Markel Insurance launches new online insurance certificate service

by Canadian Shipper

TORONTO, ON-Markel Insurance Company of Canada has announced the launch of Markel EZCertTM, the first online insurance certificate issuance service for the Canadian trucking insurance industry.

"Certificates of insurance are critical documents for carriers, and if you don’t have them when you need them, it can literally bring your business to a halt," says Mark Ram, president and CEO of Markel. "Markel EZCert provides our policyholders, insurance brokers and our policyholders’ shipping clients with anytime, anywhere access to certificates of insurance to keep their trucks rolling."

Markel EZCert enables policyholders and insurance brokers to immediately obtain a certificate of insurance online, says the company.

Users can gain access to the service at from anywhere they have Internet access: their office, a shipper’s office, or even a truck stop. Certificates can be emailed to an address of the customer’s choice or printed on the spot.

Markel policyholders can also provide special access to their shippers so they can verify insurance before the truck even arrives, providing Markel clients with another competitive advantage in a challenging market.

"Before Markel EZCert, carriers and insurance brokers had to request a certificate of insurance by phone or in writing, and then wait for hours or days to receive it," continues Ram. "Now, carriers can accept a new load and know that it won’t get held up because both driver and shipper were waiting for a proof of insurance."

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