Mobile oil rig moves to India

by MM&D Online Staff

SOUTHAMPTON, UK—A huge mobile oil rig completed its journey from the port of Southampton to the oil fields in Rajasthan,

 Mobile oil rig is loaded at the port of Southampton, UK for shipment to Mundra, India.
Mobile oil rig is loaded at the port of Southampton, UK for shipment to Mundra, India.

India, where it will be operated by a European drilling contractor that won long-term contracts in India. Shipment of the 70-ton rig trailer, 40-ton hydraulic power unit and ancillary parts and equipment totaling nearly 4,000 cubic meters (CBMs) was coordinated by BDP International UK Ltd and Unique Global Logistics (UGL), its Indian project logistics unit, both of which specialize in over-dimensional and heavy-lift shipping.

“The rig itself is owned by a French company, so we worked with BDP France and UGL for shipment from the UK to India and door delivery to Barmer, Rajasthan Oil Exploration and Production Field,” explained BDP UK country manager, Anthony Akerman. “It was a real three-way partnership with the countries, and a lot of technical coordination between and among the seven entities involved – the French owner of the rig, the oil and gas company, the shipper and its local UK agent and three BDP units.”

Considering the challenge posed by the timeline and stowage, BDP and UGL booked a part charter vessel which loaded the shipment February 22-25.  Many of the items were stored below deck, with the larger pieces lifted onto the deck for securement. Upon arrival at the port of Mundra, India, UGL arranged transportation to Rajasthan.

“BDP’s leadership role, project/heavy lift experience and advanced logistics technology, coupled with our domestic oil and gas expertise gave the client the confidence to award us this challenging move,” said UGL Director Naveen Surana.