Multinational road transport initiative launched in southern Europe

by Canadian Shipper

GENEVA, Swtiz.–Making roads safer and road transport more efficient through improvements in drivers’ education is at the core of the new “SEED” multinational training initiative launched in South East Europe. Co-funded by the European Commission’s “Erasmus+” programme, this initiative confirms the relevance of initial and periodic professional education in the road transport sector.

The South East Europe harmonised qualification of professional Drivers (SEED) is aimed primarily at raising training and technical skill levels of instructors delivering initial and periodic training to professional drivers in the South Eastern region of Europe, where the “Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013” of the World Health Organization, reports a higher rate of road traffic casualties than in the rest of the EU.

“Trucks play a central role in today’s supply chain, ensuring the efficient production and distribution of pretty much everything we rely on, on a daily basis. Ensuring that the road transport workforce is 100% equipped with the knowledge and skills required to provide safe and efficient services in full compliance with industry recognised quality standards is therefore a must”, explained Patrick Philipp, Head of the IRU Academy.

Nine partners[1] in road transport professional training, based in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, France, FYR of Macedonia and Kosovo* (UN Resolution) are thus pooling their resources to develop a training programme for drivers and instructors in the region, with the assistance of some 500,000 euros to be provided by the European Commission.

Managing Director of Promotrans, Henri Kissi, stressed, “Even though driver education and training is not unknown to South East Europe, the idea was to integrate our best practices into one harmonised and sustained cooperation network that will produce training materials, reference handbooks, checklists and learning aids meant for professional drivers in the region, in line with EU Directive 2003/59/EC, the key objective of which is to improve road safety by introducing a compulsory initial and periodic training for EU professional drivers.”

“With the SEED project, we will promote innovative and interactive pedagogical approaches for life-long education, whilst exploring new training and learning strategies in road transport professional qualification. We will organise pilot training sessions, national workshops and awareness-raising events in each target country. We all know the importance of the challenges ahead for the transport industry, and we are willing to invest all possible resources, knowledge and efforts to develop a robust and modern driver education system that complies with international and EU quality standards” concluded Velibor Peulić, regional coordinator of the SEED project.

[1] Project partners: Groupe Promotrans (France) , IRU Projects (Belgium), Centar za obrazovanje Široki Brijeg (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (Serbia), POU AMC Nova Gradiška, ORYX Grupa, EKOmobilis (Croatia), AMERIT (FYR of Macedonia) and College Tempulli (Kosovo* UN Resolution).

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