Ottawa proposes changes to rules governing HazMat haulers

by Canadian Shipper

OTTAWA, Ont. — Federal Transport Minister Lawrence Cannon yesterday tabled changes to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act which should increase safety and security for HazMat operators.

“Our government is committed to ensuring public safety and security when dangerous goods are imported, handled or transported in Canada,” said Cannon. “The proposed amendments would make it possible for Transport Canada to prevent and respond to security threats while still maintaining access to markets for Canadians involved in the cross-border transportation of dangerous goods.”

Proposed changes include: reinforcing the existing Emergency Response Assistance Program, requiring HazMat haulers to have emergency response plans in place in the event of an accident or terrorist attack; requirements for security training and screening of personnel working with dangerous goods; setting the stage for regulations that would require dangerous goods to be tracked during transport and requiring the reporting of lost or stolen loads; amending the definition of ‘importer’ to provide more clarification as to who is affected by the rules.

The feds will solicit public feedback before the changes go into place. For more info, visit:

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