Parcel shipping analysis addressing 2013 carrier cost increases

by Canadian Shipper

FORT MYERS, Fla. —  Global supply chain information and technology company Data2Logistics has released its freight parcel analysis study for supply chain cost savings addressing 2013 price increases.

The analysis identifies shippers’ exposure, impact and options to mitigate avoidable supply chain transportation costs by determining what portion of their parcel expenditure is exposed to pricing increase, data mining shippers’ historical supply chain flow to determine service efficiencies and associated cost savings, in light of this years’ air and ground parcel price increases.

“The objective of the analysis is to optimize appropriate service levels per shipment and enhancing transportation transparency and efficiency, while minimizing cost,” the company said in a release.

“With the new year, announcements were made of higher parcel shipping rates by the major carriers, at a time when companies are faced with demand for supply chain cost reduction to offset tightening product profit margins,” states Leif Holm-Andersen, Data2Logistics’ Executive Director of Professional Services. “Our analysis study indicates shippers’ impact to actually exceed carriers’ announced increases. Data2Logistics identifies shippers’ options to reduce these costs to offset rate increases, optimize freight transportation by reducing unnecessary shipping spend, and ensuring companies are being charged their correct rates via business intelligence data mining. Ultimately, the goal is improvements in shippers’ cost reduction and in relationships with their carriers.”

Data2Logistics’ parcel air and ground shipping analysis study may be obtained by contacting

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