PBB launches Internet-based e-Fulfillment solution

by Canadian Shipper

PBB Global Logistics says it has just made on-line ordering and inventory management that much easier with the launch of its latest Internet-based application,e-Fulfillment solutions.

This new system promises to benefit a wide variety of on-line businesses and traditional brick and mortar companies.

A part of the e-globallogistics.com range of on-line tools, e-Fulfillment uses the Web to improve efficiencies within the supply chain. The system increases order accuracy by cutting down on data entry, labor costs and product handling, the company claims PBB’s e-Fulfillment also allows for real-time data and inventory tracking, fewer back orders and shortages, and provides up-to-date management reports. Orders are filled faster which leads to a greater rate of customer satisfaction.

e-Fulfillment also offers flexibility in meeting a variety of supply chain needs. For B2B customers, the system provides a Web-based order entry system that allows partners throughout the supply chain to purchase and fulfill orders inventoried at a PBB Warehousing & Distribution center. This system allows customers to process business-to-business transactions and manage related inventory via the Web.

The system also offers a secure Web-based storefront service for e-tailers operating in a business-to-consumer (B2C) environment. Integrated warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, end delivery and return logistics services are part of the package.

Another innovative service is PBB’s Virtual Warehouse, where clients can interface PBB’s inventory management technology through the Web with their own warehouse facility. Customers can use this solution to manage their warehouse and distribution functions on-line without having to invest in up-front inventory management information systems software. The entire suite of solutions can be accessed from anywhere in the world through PBB’s easy-to-use Web-enabled secure interface.

Many of PBB’s clients are already benefiting from this proprietary technology. One such client is Scouts Canada, who used the system to manage its nation-wide distribution of uniforms, badges and a myriad of other supplies faster and more efficiently.

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