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Feds publish locomotive recorder regulations

Railways must comply by September 2022

September 3, 2020

OTTAWA – Transport Canada this week published the regulations that specify how railways must implement voice and video recordings in their locomotives.

The final Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder Regulations published in Canada Gazette, Part II, specify the technical requirements for rail companies to install these devices on board their locomotives with a deadline of September 2, 2022.

Locomotive voice and video recorders provide accident investigators with insight into the sequence of events leading up to a rail accident (e.g. crew communications and actions). This information helps determine if corrective measures are required to improve rail safety in Canada. Information from these recorders can also be used by railway companies to identify and manage safety risks.

The Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder Regulations target lead locomotives that operate on main tracks.

Transport Canada consulted key stakeholders and partners, including railway companies, unions, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Canada’s Labour Program, and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. The final regulations also reflect feedback from a public consultation.

The Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder Regulations align with the Government of Canada’s commitment to enhance railway safety, while also addressing an outstanding recommendation made by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.