Terrorist attacks close border

by Canadian Shipper

Four unprecedented terrorist attacks against the U.S. have shipments to and from the U.S. jammed.

Four planes, all of which were presumed hijacked, have been purposely crashed in the U.S. Two planes were flown into the World Center with both the north and south towers collapsing about one hour later. The third downed aircraft slammed into the forth, fifth and sixth corridors of the Pentagon. The final crash occurred about 80 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Penn. With few details available at this time.

The Canadian Press reported that the country’s busiest border crossings were on high alert after this morning’s incident, with thorough searches being conducted of every vehicle headed into and out of the U.S.

At the Peace Bridge, linking Buffalo and Fort Erie, Ont., officials scoured for bombs. Eventually, all Canada-U.S. commercial border crossings were officially closed, jamming the international gateways, preventing trucks and cars from both leaving and returning to Canada.

A spokesperson with the Ontario Trucking Association says the office has been swamped by members calling for status updates on the border. The fleet group is now posting updates on its Web site, www.ontruck.org.

There is also a strong possibility that the U.S. Interstate Highway Network may also be closed to facilitate any military movements the U.S. might initiate.

Buses to and from Washington and New York City were cancelled.
The use of aircraft in the attacks prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to close all U.S. airports and divert all inbound international flights to Canadian and other non-U.S. airports.

Canada’s military and police also shifted into emergency mode in the confusing hours following the U.S. tragedy.

At Pearson International Airport, the country’s largest transportation hub, officials prepared to accept thousands of displaced passengers who could not land in the United States.

Runways were also being cleared in Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax, as airports there also prepared to take in planes that were in mid-air when the violence began.

At Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay in Labrador, the diversions are expected to bring up to 60 unscheduled landings. More than 25 diverted flights were expected at the airport in St. Johns, Nfld. And between 30 and 40 international flights were expected to arrive at Halifax International Airport, said spokeswoman Gina Connell.

The Canadian military stepped up security at gates at two facilities in the Halifax area the navy dockyards and the Shearwater air base.

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