Trans-Lucent launches upgraded freight rate benchmarking tool

by Canadian Shipper

GUELPH, Ont. — Trans-Lucent Markets, a leading transportation expense management solutions provider, has launched its upgraded AccuFreight Index (AFI). The newest version of the Web-based freight rate benchmarking tool will give current and new subscribers valuable enhanced features for better access to freight rate comparisons, the company said.

“The updated AccuFreight Index is still very easy to use,” says Shelina Lalani, president of Trans-Lucent Markets. “The only difference is our subscribers now have more options to get the best freight rate comparison we can give them. The upgrades make it easier to stay current with market rates, watch the trends, widen searches and make informed shipping decisions,” she says.

The AccuFreight Index is a system designed for shippers, carriers and 3PLs. The service provides access to freight rate market comparisons and determines precise point-to-point shipping rates. Members log-in to the Web-based system, describe their type of shipment, size, service level, freight class and should receive easy-to-read, data based on these specifications, officials said.

The new, expanded features, available at no extra cost, include upgraded intelligent zoning, designed for a wider coverage area and greater search flexibility; an improved LTL search feature, designed for broader freight rate benchmarking; and enhanced rate loading capabilities, designed to increase the marketability of lanes and easy single-carrier benchmarking.

Since its launch in April, AFI has increased its lane visibility from 93,000 to 230,000.

“The up-to-date database of information that incorporates many thousands of truck lanes, as well as multi-modal services, makes AFI a must when aggregating Canadian supply chain information,” says current subscriber Phil Dick, investment development specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

“We’ve been a regional LTL service provider for over 15 years and have watched the industry evolve. We understand how important it is to establish accurate freight costs,” says Enzo Parisi, general manager of Mainliner Freightways. “AFI has given us the power in negotiations to help us grow our business.”

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