U-FREIGHT enhances servies to target garment industry

by Canadian Shipper

U-Freight has enhanced and strengthened its supply chain management services for the worldwide garment industry.

“Garment industry customers are very demanding and understandably so there is intense competition in the High Street and the product can so easily be damaged. If garments are delayed, with stores keeping limited stock, this could spell disaster for the supplier. We aim to provide consistent, fast and reliable services individually designed as the cornerstone of our garment handling services,” said Anthony Fong, Managing Director of U-Freight.

Fong added that U-Freight has fixed space allocation
with the airlines which ensures shipments will arrive at destination as
scheduled. While most garment traffic goes by sea, U-Freight has also organised a comprehensive system of regular airfreight shipments for those suppliers who need swift transport, said the company.

“Use of seafreight does reduce the transportation costs but it is not the answer for every supplier. In the case of fashion orders, suppliers need to use airfreight to give them an advantage in gaining higher market share by releasing garments at the earliest opportunities in their markets," said Fong.

Traditionally U-Freight’s strength has been in the garment trade between Asia and USA, where about 90% of the shipments are by sea and 10% by air.

“Now we have extended the specialist garment services world wide for all our customers. Most of ready to wear (RTW) goods are destined for the USA and Europe. The biggest source of these products is China with most shipments funnelled through our traditional base of Southern China. The other big exporters of garments we serve are in Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and India. Our enhanced services ensure customers have access to equipment for garments on hangers (GOH) at most of our warehouses. We can also convert containers to GOH configuration according to customer needs. We do have expertise in maximizing the loading and hanging of the GOH units into airlines’ ULDs and into custom made GOH containers with very minimal risk of wrinkling the garments," he said.

U-Freight says its in-house PCAFSA computerized data system can link to any database platforms required by customers to provide a tailor made service for stock control and related functions.

U-Freight’s value added services for the garments industry include:

– Website shipment tracking and tracing
– Website airwaybill printing
– Report generation in whatever form desired
– Automatic e-mail pre-alerts on every shipment
– Daily automatic e-mail summary of customers’ shipments

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