Vastera in deal with Lucent

by Canadian Shipper

Vastera, Inc., a global trade management solution provider, has reached an agreement with Lucent Technologies to manage the company’s US-based global trade operations.

Lucent will use Vastera’s managed services solutions to perform functions including classifying products, performing compliance checks on shipments, applying for licenses, generating international shipping documents and filing import entries.

Vastera will manage these functions for Lucent by applying its software solutions, global trade business processes and trade expertise. Vastera will also manage Lucent’s Deemed Exports programme as well as provide internal compliance training.

In addition to leveraging Vastera’s managed services capabilities, Lucent also expects to roll out Vastera’s TradeSphere software solution globally. TradeSphere will provide Lucent with greater visibility of global shipments, and enable the company to collaborate more effectively with its extended trading partners.

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