Veredex Logistics Strengthens Partner Program

by Canadian Shipper

Veredex Logistics is expanding its partner initiative, adding online business-to-business freight and logistics services will now offer sameday delivery services to its customer base, through a seamless integration with the Veredex Logistics Network.

Veredex is targeting four types of partners: logistics technology companies, eProcurement applications, transportation and logistics providers, and trade associations.

“There was a lot of industry focus on partnerships in 2000,” said Drew Kronick, president of Veredex Logistics, “but too often, those partnerships did not match customer expectations. Customers need simplicity and companies need to be focused on selecting and integrating with partners that give their customer what they need. By incorporating our sameday capabilities, our partners can provide their customers with additional results right out of the gate. I am really excited by the quality partners we are talking to and their level of interest,” he said.

“Online transactions are all about convenience. We already offer the convenience of online quoting, scheduling, automated freight documents and record keeping, with simplified billing. Providing sameday delivery services will add even more value and convenience for our growing customer base.” says CEO, Tim Barton.

Through this program, partners will be able to bring Veredex’s leading
sameday capabilities to their customers. Veredex will have instant visibility with its partners’ established customer bases.

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